March 19, 2013

Review: Reversion Chapter 2: The Meeting

game format: classic point-and-click adventure | episode 2 of 6

puzzles: inventory | logic

playtime: 1.5 hours | difficulty: easy | size: 310 MB

developer: 3f Interactive | links: official site | buy this game | trailer (youtube)

walkthroughs: Chapter 1: The Escape | Chapter 2: The Meeting

Reversion Chapter 2: The Meeting
game brief: After escaping from a Buenos Aires hospital in year the year 2035, your new friend Victoria is helping you find the person in a photo you possess, which you hope will provide the key to recovering your memories and understanding who you are and why you are here. (AG overview)

review: Read my review @ Adventure Gamers® | rating: 2.5/5

summary: The first commercial follow-up to the free series debut shows plenty of promise, but hasn't yet overthrown its shallow introductory nature.

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