November 13, 2013

Review: Secret Files: Sam Peters

game format: classic point-and-click adventure

puzzles: inventory, standalone

playtime: 2 - 3 hours | difficulty: easy | size: 750 MB

developer: Animation Arts | publisher: Deep Silver | links: official site | buy this game

Secret Files: Sam Peters
game brief: Right after journalist Sam Peters has escaped from a volcanic eruption on an Indonesian island caused by terrorists, her boss sends her to Africa. Soon enough, strange things start happening at Bosumtwi, a mysterious crater lake. Could the Asanbosam - human-like creatures that lurk in the trees at night and take their victims off to their caves to suck their blood - really exist? (steam)

review: Read my review @ Adventure Gamers® | rating: 3.5/5

summary: Sassy journalist Sam Peters makes the most of her moment in the sun in this neat little Secret Files spin-off, reclaiming some of the series’ former glory by demystifying an ancient African legend.

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