August 11, 2009

Walkthrough: Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy

As usual, the game starts in Nancy’s bedroom, at her desk.

Click on ‘How to be a detective’ to learn the basic game-play.

For more detailed instructions and hints on game-play, get the official Strategy Guide.

Read the scrapbook if you want to know about Nancy’s past cases.

Read the case file to learn about the Haunting of Castle Malloy.

Take the invitation and the phone card.

Click the ticket to start the case.

Exiting any puzzle screen resets the puzzle.

Watch the cut-scene – what was that?

Go straight and click on the gate.

Take the groom doll.

Note the design on the left arch of the gate.

Look at the right arch of the gate. The left arch design has to be recreated on the right arch.

Mini-game: Gate arch horse puzzle

Hint: First, get the left side tiles in place, noted by the yellow frame edges. Then the top tiles, then right. There are many ways of getting this done. My solution is just one of them.

If the grid is marked as shown, the sequence of movement of tiles is:

Aligning the left side (FROM, TO)
C2B2, C3C2, C4C3, B4C4, B3B4, C3B3, C2C3, B2C2, B3B2, A3B3, A2A3, B2A2, B1B2, A1B1, A2A1, B2A2, C2B2, C1C2, D1C1, D2D1, D3D2, D4D3, C4D4, B4C4, A4B4, A3A4, B3A3, C3B3, C2C3, B2C2, A2B2, A3A2, B3A3, C3B3, D3C3, D4D3, C4D4, B4C4, A4B4, A3A4, B3A3, B2B3, A2B2, A1A2, B1A1, B2B1, B3B2, C3B3, C4C3, B4C4, B3B4, B3B3, B1B2, A1B1, A2A1, A3A2, A4A3, B4A4

Aligning the top side (FROM, TO)
B3B4, B2B3, B1B2, C1B1, D1C1, D2D1, C2D2, C3C2, D3C3, D2D3, C2D2, C1C2, D1C1, D2D1, D3D2, C3D3, B3C3, B2B3, B1B2, C1B1, D1C1, D2D1, D3D2, C3D3, C2C3, D2C2, D1D2, C1D1, C2C1

Aligning the right side (FROM, TO)
C3C2, D3C3, D4D3, C4D4, B4C4, C3B3, C4C3, D4C4, D3D4, C3D3, C2C3, C1C2, D1C1, D2D1, D3D2, D4D3, C4D4, C3C4, D3C3, D2D3, D1D2, C1D1, C2C1

Aligning the rest of it (FROM, TO)
B3C3, B4B3, C4B4, D4C4, D3D4, D2D3, C2D2, C3C2, B3C3, B2B3, C2B2, C3C2, C4C3, B4C4, B3B4, B2B3, C2B2, D2C2, D3D2, D4D3, C4D4, C3C4, C2C3, D2C2, D3D2, D4D3, C4D4, B4C4, B3B4, C3B3, D3C3, D2D3, C2D2, C1C2, B1C1, A1B1, A2A1, A3A2, B3A3, C3B3, C4C3, B3C3, B3B4, C3B3, C4C3, B4C4, B3B4, A3B3, A2A3, A1A2, B1A1, C1B1, C2C1

There is a piece missing in the design.

Walk past the bridge to the castle. Hmm, what’s with the butler?

Exit the castle and go right towards Bailor. Enter the Screaming Banshee inn.

Look at the gaming machines. Nancy needs tokens to play.

There are no vacancies and there is nothing else to do here at the moment. Exit.

Enter the telephone booth and use the phone card. Nancy can only call Ned and Bess. Exit.

Return to the castle.

Look up at the second floor – see a shadow.

Pick up the stones below the window. Throw these at the window to attract Kyler’s attention.

Mini-game: Attract Kyler's attention.

Click here to see which stone to throw where to hit the window.

Knock on the door again to have Kyler let you in.

Kyler tells you that Matt, her fiancé, has disappeared, amongst other things.

Look at the bookshelf behind Kyler.

From the urn, take the Zodiac Constellations book.

Note the vase in the middle shelf. It cannot be used now.

Click on the base of the metal helmet.

There is a game with gears here, but some gears are missing.

Go through the door between the bookcases. Whoa!

On the other side of the bookcase, there is an unlit lamp and a hoop transfer charger to light the lamp.

Mini-game: Transfer the hoops from the left column to the right column without having a hoop sit on a hoop smaller than it.

Assuming that the hoops are marked 1 – 7 and columns are marked L, M and R as shown:

The movements, in order (WEIGHT, TO COLUMN):
1R, 2M, 1M, 3R, 1L, 2R, 1R, 4M, 1M, 2L, 1R, 2M, 1M, 3L, 1L, 2R, 1R, 3M, 1L, 2M, 1M, 5R, 1L, 2R, 1R, 3L, 1M, 2L, 1L, 4R, 1R, 2M, 1M, 3R, 1L, 2R, 1R, 6M, 1M, 2L, 1L, 3M, 1R, 2M, 1M, 4L, 1L, 2R, 1R, 3L, 1M, 2L, 1L, 5M, 1M, 2R, 1R, 3M, 1L, 2M, 1M, 4R, 1L, 2R, 1R, 3L, 1M, 2L, 1L, 4M, 1M, 2R, 1R, 3M, 1L, 2M, 1M, 7R, 1L, 2R, 1R, 3L, 1M, 2L, 1L, 4R, 1M, 2R, 1R, 3M, 1M, 2L, 1L, 3R, 1M, 2R, 1R, 5L, 1M, 2L, 1L, 3M, 1R, 2M, 1M, 4L, 1L, 2R, 1R, 3L, 1M, 2L, 1L, 6R, 1M, 2R, 1R, 3M, 1L, 2M, 1R, 2L, 1L, 3R, 1M, 2R, 1R, 4M, 1M, 2L, 1L, 3M, 1R, 2M, 1M, 5R, 1L, 2R, 1R, 3L, 1M, 2L, 1L, 4R, 1M, 2R, 1L, 2M, 1M, 3R, 1L, 2R, IR

Take the lit lantern.

Go to the table on the right. Read the binary + alphanumeric chart.

There is a weight-based mechanism here. Looks like some weights are missing.

Open the middle drawer to see a reference for the weights, possibly in order of heaviness.

Go through the door beside Kyler.

Enter the room to the left, between the armours – the nursery.

Click the yellow box on the bookshelf.

Mini-game: Otter puzzle.

The point is to align the otters by colour and body on all four sides. The central block is fixed to serve as a reference. I’ve numbered the tiles as shown here.

1. Start with the blue otter head because that is the least in number – only 3 – to match with central blue otter body.
2. Move tile 3 to 4 and rotate till the blue otter head matches the blue body of the central square.
3. Move tile 5 to 2 and rotate to match the pink otter body.
4. Move tile 7 to 1. Rotate once to match green and pink otters.
5. Rotate tile 3 once to match blue otter.
6. Move tile 7 to 5 to match green and pink otters.
7. Move tile 6 to 7.
8. Rotate tile 7 to match blue and brown otters.

Click here for the solution.

Take the gear.

Turn to the left of the room.

Take the gem from the floor and the broken glasses from the fireplace.

Look at the gem design on the wall – it’s missing some gems.

Click on the rocking horse to get a token.

Click on the dollhouse.

Mini-game: Dollhouse puzzle part 1.

The dolls have to be arranged inside the dollhouse according to the instructions given.

1. Place the pig to the right of the rocking horse.
2. Place the cow above the pig on the third floor.
3. The cat is one floor above the blue shirt boy, AND next to an armour.
4. Put the cat in the second floor on the right of the armour.
5. Place the blue shirt boy just below the cat on the first floor.
6. The blond girl is to the left of one armour and to the right of another armour – place her between the two armours on the first floor, below the rocking horse.
7. Click check.

Click here for the solution.

Take the second token.

Click on the blue book on the dresser:
Le / I X N C L / L A P I N / N C Q L P / Bleu

Exit the room. The stairs to the tower are missing.

Go down to the ground floor - the Great Hall.

Look at the photo on the floor in front of the fireplace – Kyler and Kit, not Matt.

Talk to Kit.

Go to the printing press.

Take the printing template #1 and note the binary code: 01000011 i.e. 67 i.e. C (refer the binary code sheet on the table in the library)

Mini-game: Printing the wedding program.

Use the bottle marked K – for Black – on top of the program template in the left slot. Put a sheet of blank paper over the black ink. Rotate the handle of the wheel. Take the printed sheet and put on the lightbox (or drier). Switch it on.

Repeat twice.

Look at the program – the best man is Alan Paine.

Look at the fortune teller kiosk on the left.

Take the token from next to it. The kiosk needs 3 tokens, and Nancy now has 3 tokens.

Click on the coin slot.

Take the weight.

Go to the table. Take the other weight. Now Nancy has all the weights for weight-based mechanism in Kyler’s room.

Ask Kit about Alan Paine.

Go to the library and talk to Kyler.

Mini-game: Weights.

The point is to balance the three plates using the available weights and reference sheet. Click here for the solution.

Take the missing piece from the horse puzzle on the gate arch.

Exit the castle by the door next to the fortune teller kiosk. Note the lights in the tower.

Go to the gate.

Use the missing piece with the horse puzzle.

Take the printing template #2 with the binary code 01001101 i.e. 77 i.e. M

Go to Bailor and call Alan Paine, Ned and Bess / George.

Go to the Screaming Banshee and talk to Dolan. He wants a drink.

Mini-game: Mix the drinks.

Nothing very difficult here; however, the faster you mix, the more tips you get.

There are photos on the counter for each drink to be made. Click on any to open the recipe book to the respective page.

Once both drinks of an order are ready, click the bell to have Seamus take them – so make the drinks in sets from right to left, not random.

In the middle is the shiny mixer glass. The recipes will list which flavours and how many of each to add.

There are some ingredients on the right as well. The strawberries, ice-cream and ice sometimes go directly into the drink, and are sometimes blended with the drink. The lemon wedges and cherries are garnishes to add to the finished drinks.

If a drink needs to be blended, the recipe book shows the blender icon.

The glasses as shown in the recipe book are found on the shelf below the counter.

The beer tap has three kinds of beer, which can be added directly to the glasses or to the mixer glass as part of a drink.


Talk to Donal.

Mini-game: Play the Difference Detective Game at the kiosk on the side.

You have to find the differences between the scenes on the left and right before time runs out. Click to view to differences for the Cop & Robber scene / Flying Boat scene / Girl & Painting scene / Robot Soccer scene / Moon Barbeque scene. There are more scenes but these are all I played.

Take the whistle / tokens / whatever prize you get.

Mini-game: Play the Darts Away game at the kiosk on the side.

This is a game of skill and educated guessing so a walkthrough won’t help much – however throwing from here has maximum chances of hitting bullseye. The scoreboard on the left shows the deductions from the original score – the point is the get the score to 0 before the darts are over.

The first time you fail, you can click on the slot to take back the token. Keep trying :) You can get more tokens by playing the simpler Detective game or mixing more drinks.

Take the doll.

Return to the castle.

Now that Nancy has the light, she can explore the castle grounds. Be careful not to fall off any edges!!! Though if you do, you can restart from the last point, but it’s shocking anyway!

From the paved road, go towards the left top to the garden.

Enter the garden and see the leprechauns. Nancy can’t solve this without a clue.

Turn around and take the note on the bench. Hmm.

Leave the garden. Follow the path nearby to the well, and past it to the big circle. Nothing here now – just a big yellow flower.

Follow the path down and left to the bog. Nancy cannot cross the water.

Go right to the Celtic crosses.

Note the dates on the Celtic crosses – left 1801, middle 1916 and right 1845. Also note the holes in the crosses.

Exit and return to the paved road, then go right to the stone wall.

Note the puzzle. Nancy can’t solve this without a clue.

Exit and return to the castle.

Talk to Kit.

Mini-game: Wedding seating chart.

After Kit gives the chart to Nancy, it goes to her inventory. Use the clues to place the wedding guests. The easiest is to place the wedding party first, then Kit and Lori and Taylor... and the rest just follow. This puzzle was buggy for me – the first time I got it, Kit said that the people at the top don’t look right, but I just unplaced and replaced them, and he accepted it. Whatever...

Click here for the solution.

Take the Brehon Law book from Kit about the leprechauns’ social order.

Talk to Kit again. He clears up a few issues.

Return to the garden outside the castle to solve the Leprechaun Puzzle.

Mini-game: Leprechaun puzzle.

The Brehon Law book has clovers drawn on it that match the clovers on the chests of the leprechauns. The leprechauns have to be rotated in the correct direction. The statues can point left, right, forward or back... and the book has HUGE first letters of each sentence below a particular clover pattern to show which direction the statue should point!

If the leprechauns are numbered like this as per the book, then the directions of rotation, in order, are:

1: Forward / 2. Right / 3. Back / 4. Left / 5. Forward / 6. Right / 7. Back

Click here for the solution.

The crow’s nest is revealed. Take the gems, doll and token.

Return to the nursery to complete the gem design.

Mini-game: Activate the gems.

First, put all the gems in the coloured slots meant for them. Note the rainbow at the back - VIBGYOR. The gems have to be clicked the reverse of this order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. The black gem at the bottom does not need to be clicked.

Click here for the solution.

The fireplace opens!

Enter and take the plank and the sheet with instructions about stone formations (cairns). Exit.

What the -!

Exit the castle and go to the bog. Place the plank across the bog. Nancy can cross now.

Mini-game: Navigating the bog.

Refer the sheet Nancy found in the fireplace. The duo cairn (one small stone atop another) means On Trail. The direction and number of steps is given by the additional cairns next to the duo.

Cairn 1: 3 stones one atop another, big to small. The sheet says: Forward, One. Go in front one screen.
Cairn 2: 2 sets of stones, 1 duo and 1 single to its right: Right, One
Cairn 3: 4 stones atop one another: Forward, Two
Cairn 4: 2 sets of stones, 1 duo and a two-piece to its right: Right, Two
Cairn 5: 4 stones atop one another: Forward, Two.
Cairn 6: 2 sets of stones, 1 duo and a four-piece to its left: Left, Four
Cairn 7: 4 stones, two below the duo: Down, Two.
Cairn 8: 2 sets of stones, 1 duo and a two-piece to its left: Left, Two
Cairn 9: 5 stones, three below the duo: Down, Three.
Cairn 10: 2 sets of stones, 1 duo and a two-piece to its left: Left, Two
Cairn 11: 3 stones one atop another, big to small: Forward, One
Cairn 12: 2 sets of stones2C 1 duo and 1 single to its left: Left, One
Cairn 13: 4 stones atop one another: Forward, Two.
Cairn 14: 2 sets of stones, 1 duo and 1 single to its right: Right, One
Cairn 15: 4 stones atop one another: Forward, Two
Cairn 16: 2 sets of stones, 1 duo, a two-piece to its right: Right, Two
Cairn 17: 4 stones atop one another: Forward, Two
Cairn 18: 2 sets of stones, 1 duo and 1 single to its right: Right, One
Cairn 19: 3 stones atop one another: Forward, One

Remember, there are cairns on EVERY screen Nancy passes so it’s essential to only refer the cairns on the relevant screens as per the movement instructions.

Nancy reaches a house across the bog.

Enter the house and go to the table – looks like the dolls are made here. Take the dollhouse instruction sheet.

Click on the box on the table. It needs a key.

Look at the wicker baskets to the right of the table – a jetpack. It works only outside – and no clue yet.

Look at the cage with the buzzing flies – eww.

Look at the potion-making table on the left. Read the Herbs & Remedies book.

Nancy needs to make a bug bane to remove the flies.

Mini-game: Make the bug bane.

As per the book, blend equal parts of tansy, pennyroyal, wormwood, thyme and catnip from the bowls on the shelves into the mixing bowl. Place in the cage to remove the flies.

Take the circular glass / mirror.

Look around the house – nothing else to do here for now. Exit.

Go to the Celtic crosses again – use the round glass on the holes in the three crosses.

Note the symbols for each of the three crosses.

The symbols are similar to the ones on the stone wall on the right side of the castle ground.

Mini-game: Breaching the stone wall.

The dates on the three crosses were: left 1801, middle 1916, right 1845

Press the symbols on the stone wall corresponding to each cross in the order of left, right and middle.

Click here for the solution.

Enter the new area.

Walk north to the sheep shearing shed.

Take the gear from the chimes near the steps. Nancy now has all the gears for the mechanism in the library.

The shed houses the Wooly-No-More machine. Exit.

Go to the extreme right edge of the grounds to a craggy tree – pick up Kit’s plans to build a condo settlement at Malloy Castle.

Come south-west to the ‘Weird Stones’ as marked in Kit’s plan. Can’t solve this now.

Talk to Dolan at the Screaming Banshee. Apparently there’s a witch living in the hut across the bog. Dolan also has a book on Ogham Runes to solve the Weird Stones puzzle... but Nancy has to play the drums first!

Mini-game: Playing the drums.

This is a purely hand-eye coordination game, like Drum Hero – instead of Guitar Hero. The correct colour quadrant has to be hit with the drumstick when the same coloured blob enters empty circle on the top right. Because I have near zero of this skill (and the game has negative marking for random hits), it took me about seven attempts before I managed to score a 69 and beat the drums. 64 didn’t work, so my guess is that 65 is the cut-off to win.

Take the book from Donal. Note that on stone, the runes are read from bottom to top.

Return to the Weird Stones.

Mini-game: Sorting out the ‘Weird Stones’.

Start from the screen where the Taurus constellation is seen clearly in the sky.

Column 1: The top stone shows the Taurus constellation (May 15 – Jun 20 / Apr 21 - May 21). The middle stone shows a tree in various seasons – since Taurus happens during summer, rotate the tree to the image where it has the maximum leaves. Bottom stone: Beltaine, for summer, as per the Ogham Runes.

Turn right.

Column 2: The top stone should have Leo constellation (Aug 11 – Sep 16 / Jul 23 – Aug 21). Middle stone: since Leo occurs during autumn – choose the tree with shed leaves. For the bottom stone, choose Lughnasa, for autumn.

Turn right.

Column 3: The top stone should have Scorpio constellation (Nov 24 – 30 / Oct 22 – Nov 22). Since Scorpio happens during winter, choose the tree with no leaves. The bottom stone should show Samhain, for winter.

Turn right.

Column 4: The top stone should have Aquarius constellation (Feb 17 – Mar 11 / Jan 21 – Feb 19). Since Aquarius happens during spring, choose the tree with few, small / baby leaves. The bottom stone should show Imbolc – for spring.

Click here for the solution.

Take the printing template #3 with the binary code 01011001 i.e. 89 i.e. Y

Return to the castle and talk to Kit, then Kyler about the condo plans.

Kyler asks Nancy to collect some flowers for her bouquet.

Mini-game: Activate the gears.

Once Nancy has both remaining gears, they get added automatically to the puzzle. The aim is to connect the gears, alternating large and small, from the handle to the big gear on the top right of the puzzle. Click here for the solution.

Take the instruction sheet for the third dollhouse puzzle. The sheep doll is missing.

Go to the dollhouse in the nursery.

Mini-game: Dollhouse puzzle, part II.

The dolls have to be arranged inside the dollhouse according to the instructions given.

1. The cat on the top floor (it is above the cow and the blond girl) - there are two possible slots.
2. The redhead girl is on the left of the cat on the same floor.
3. Place the redhead girl in the left slot and the cat in the right slot of the third floor.
4. Now place the pig to the immediate right of the chandelier on the ground floor.
5. The pig is also to the immediate left of the armour on the ground floor.
6. The cow is on the second floor as per blond girl – cow – cat hierarchy.
7. That means the blue shirt boy is also on the second floor on the immediate right of the cow.
8. That means the blue dog is right below the blue shirt boy i.e. on the ground floor.
9. The dog is to the right of an armour on the ground floor – so put it between the two armours on the right of the pig.
10. Put the blue shirt boy on the second floor just above the dog.
11. Put the cow on the left of the blue shirt boy.
12. The blond girl comes in the leftmost slot on the ground floor below the redhead girl.
13. Click check.

Click here for the solution.

Take the token.

Exit the castle.

Mini-game: The wedding bouquet.

The Herbs and Remedies book in the witch’s hut lists where the flowers can be found.

Foxglove: On the edge of the entry to the bog.
Yarrow: The big yellow flower at the Circle of the Good Ones.
Lavender: At the foot of the Scorpio stone of the Weird Stones Circle.
Larkspur: Go left from Nancy's crashed car to a destroyed arch.
Rose: In the leprechaun garden – turn around to see the bush.
Vervain: On the left arch of the entry gate to Castle Malloy.
Sage: The green brush hanging from the potion-making shelf in the witch’s hut.

Return to the castle. Kit is not as his seat – time to check out his stuff!

Matt’s luggage is under the bed next to Kit’s!

Go to Kyler’s Room – wow, that’s a fight :)

Go back down to the Great Hall. Talk to Kit.

Go upstairs and talk to Kyler. Put the flowers in the vase. Exit.

Leave the castle and go to the witch’s hut. The sheep doll needs wool.

Talk to Donal at the inn.

Mini-game: Gather the sheep.

Go to the right side of the castle where the sheep are roaming around. Blow the whistle when Nancy is near a sheep and it will go to the barn on its own. If Nancy goes too close to a sheep it will run away. There are 10 sheep total. This is not as time-consuming as it sounds if the ground is covered systematically. Enter the barn and leave once all the sheep are in to lock it.

Report back to Donal, then return to the barn to shear the sheep.

Mini-game: Wooly-No-More – 3 bags of wool.

Blow the whistle to get a sheep into the shearing area.

Look at the machine. The colour of the three stars next to the family name denotes the family colour. Add the numbers against the family colour and family name. Then comes the complicated part: determining the emotion of the sheep. It took me a while to figure out the sheep emotions, so here’s what came out of my in-depth research:

1. If the sheep is standing without bleating and moving, it is CALM.

2. If the sheep is bouncing on all four legs and bleating, it is HAPPY.

3. If the sheep rears while entering the shearing area, stamps its feet and keeps bleating, it is BLEATING.

4. If the sheep rears while entering the shearing are and keeps restlessly bouncing on its feet, it is PANICKED.

5. If the sheep keeps grinding its hooves in the ground and jerking its head, it is ANGRY.

If the sheep is sheared properly, it will leave with pink bows or a mohawk; if not, well, you’ll know :)

After every two successful shearings, remove a bag of wool from the Wooly-No-More. Collect three bags to finish task.

Take some wool from the final sack.

Exit and go to the witch’s hut.

Add the wool to the sheep doll on the table. Take the doll.

Return to the dollhouse in the nursery.

Mini-game: Dollhouse puzzle, part III.

The dolls have to be arranged inside the dollhouse according to the instructions given.

1. Place the redhead doll on the left of the chandelier on the first floor.
2. By the blue dog – blond girl – cow hierarchy, the dog is on the third floor, the blond girl on the second floor, and the cow on the first floor.
3. The cow is also to the right of the dog. Place the dog on the left slot of the third floor.
4. The blond girl, sheep, blue shirt boy and pig are all on the second floor, from left to right.
5. The pig is above an armour. Place it above the first armour from the right of the first floor, in front of the bed, otherwise the other dolls cannot fit on the second floor.
6. The cat is on the first floor (right below the blue shirt boy).
7. The cat is also to the left of an armour, right of another armour, and to the left of the cow, which is also on the first floor.
8. Place the cow between the first and second armours from the right.
9. Place the cat in front of second armour from the right, next to the cow.
10. Place the blue shirt boy in the library above the cat.
11. The sheep is to the right of the armour and the blond girl on the second floor.
12. The blond girl is NOT in front of the armour but necessarily to the right of it.
13. Place the sheep to the left of the blue shirt boy in the library.
14. Place the blond girl in the space between the armour and the sheep.
15. Click check.

Click here for the solution.

Collect the printing template #4 with the binary code 01001011 i.e. 75 i.e. K.

Looks like the jetpack instructions!

Go to the printing press in the Great Hall.

Mini-game: Print the jetpack instructions.

Click on the printing press to have the four templates displayed above it.

The templates have the following binary digits and should be used in that order:

01000011 i.e. 67 i.e. C (Cyan / Blue)

01001101 i.e. 77 i.e. M (Magenta)

01011001 i.e. 89 i.e. Y (Yellow)

01001011 i.e. 75 i.e. K (Black)

Put the first template in the template slot and put the cyan ink on it. Place a blank paper on it and roll the press. Take the wet sheet and place it on the drier, but DO NOT DRY. Place the next template in the template slot, and put the magenta ink on it. Place the wet sheet on the magenta ink, and roll the printer. Repeat for the next two templates with yellow and black respectively. If you make a mistake you can click on the shredder at the right bottom of the screen and restart.

Click here for the solution.

Bingo, the jetpack instructions!

If you do it correctly, your instructions should read:

Spin yellow dial to red triangle.
The number should be 729.
Press black button.
Flip red switch down.
Spin blue dial to black triangle.
Slide level to halfway point.
Press yellow button.
Press red button.
Turn colour dial to red.
Move number dial to 4.
Flip blue switch up.
Flip yellow switch down.
Press go.


Steer Nancy to the right to the top window of the tower.

Well, what have we here!

From the table take the list of books. It has a drawing of a combination lock on it.

Look at the big desk to the left. It has a similar combination lock.

Mini-game: Unlock the desk.

Remember to book in the nursery: Le / I X N C L / L A P I N / N C Q L P / Blue?

The combination is L A P I N. Click here for the solution.

Take the fourth dollhouse instruction sheet.

But the desk is still closed, and the combination is obviously within the names of the books.

Exit the tower and return to the castle. Go to the library.

Mini-game: Decoding the books.

The four books first need to be located, and then the messages on their inside, relating to the titles, have to be decoded. This was obtuse and complicated and halted my progress with the game for two days before I finally found the pattern with the numbers. The Ersatz business was plain crazy.

Book 1: On the bookcase behind Kyler, click the books on the top shelf. Read the book Hydroponics & Aeroponics – Growing Without Soil by Aggie Culture: the note on the inside says, “Three years into the study. By removing all the duplicates, I find that the only remaining true consonant is key.”

The number is 3. Now to decode the title, remove all instances of duplicate alphabets:


You are left with Y, E, U and L. Now, since Y is sometimes used as a vowel (an year, for example), L is the only true consonant here.

So the answer is 3 and L.

Book 2: Go to the bookcase on the right of this one. Take the book Ersatz Quidnuncs: A Guide To Knowledge by Aru Dight on the left side top shelf of the bookcase. Its inside has a long note:

“Two simple words contain such wisdom.

But swap the first letter and the last letter.

Change the R to P and Z to W.

Remove the first appearance of any duplicated letter.

Move the W one place to the right.

Move the 9th and 10th letters to the front.

Add an L after every 5th letter.

Change the second and fourth vowels to O.

Move the 7th letter two places to the left.

Invert the 3rd and 4th letters.

Swap the 2nd letter from the right with the 8th consonant from the left.

Place the first L to the right of its second occurrence.

Move the 3rd and 4th letters to the front.

Remove the C. Once you have, you’ll find that:”

This sounds (after much head-scratching) like “spun to Q, will do.”

So the answer is 2 and Q.

Book 3: Take the book Nautical Cartography by Jack Stay from the right side top shelf. The note says: “To our dear friend, One year soon you’ll finally join us here. The seas (C’s?) await your notice.”

The number is 1.

On the right side page, besides the title, there are two water bodies mentioned: Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. So, we take the CARIBBEAN SEA, and it has only one “C”.

So the answer is 1 and C.

Book 4: Take the book Zoopraxiscope: Animals in Motion by Cap Y Bara from the table with the weighing mechanism. Its note says: “Animals abound, in a merry round. Seated in the middle, can answer the riddle. On legs of four, can spin even more.”

The number is 4.

In the title ZOOPRAXISCOPE on the right side page, alphabet X is in the middle. I’m not entirely clear what the other clues like “animals abound...” and “can spin even more...” refer to.

So the answer is 4 and X.

The four books give us:
1 and C
2 and Q
3 and L
4 and X

The fifth alphabet is still missing. Note that the list of books also had a drawing of the Circle of Good Ones on it, the castle and some rocks in the middle of the sea near the circle. Exit the castle and go to the Circle, and using the jetpack, skim along the edge of the sea, right from the Circle towards the castle – not over the sea or Nancy runs out of power – till the rocks are visible off the edge, behind the garden of leprechauns. Click on the rocks – voila – 5 and N!

So the desk combination is CQLXN.

Return to the tower and open the desk.

Look at Fiona’s photo. Read Brendan’s wife’s journal – it explains the origins of the fairy theory and talks about a real lab. Take the key and the Nancy doll.

Exit the tower and go to the witch’s house. Use the key on the box.

The card says “Happy 6th Birthday to our Darling Daughter”.

So is Fiona ‘haunting’ the castle?

Turn around – argh!

Talk to Matt.

Look around the lab – note the rocket diagram on the blackboard, the three-button control panel, the periodic table chart, and read the (mind-blowing) rocket notes.

Only Fin Type 1 is successful. Refer the rocket diagram to see how Fin Type 1 looks.

Take the launch checklist from the wall to reveal the red button.

Click the button to get the chemical spill game.

Mini-game: Sort the chemicals.

The pliers have to be used to move the chemical atoms to their respective categories to clear the way to the key at the top. The slider is used to open and shut the pliers, and the cursor buttons are used to move it around. Do NOT to touch with atoms with the pliers any other way except to open it wide, surround the atom PERFECTLY and then shut the pliers to ‘capture’ the atom before moving it around. Open the pliers to the extreme position to release the capture atoms inside their categories. Refer the periodic table chart to know which atom belong to which category.

Hint: First move as many Category 1 atoms to their home as possible, to clear the way to the Category 2 and Category 3 gates. Only the smallest atoms can be moved into Category 2 before the big Hg atom blocking part of the gate is moved into its own Category 3 gate. Use the gridlines to make out whether the pliers (with or without an atom) will touch surrounding atoms while move.

This painstaking process needs a LOT of patience, and the Second Chance – Chemical Spill save game mercifully allows restarting from wherever the last explosion happens.

Click here for the solution – clear the way to Category 3 as shown. The rest is easy.

Take the rocket safety key.

On the other side of the room, take Fin Type 1 from the buckets below the table. Fin Type 1 is the one with the circle in the middle.

Turn right and look at the staircase.

Mini-game: Rebuilding the staircase.

The shapes have to fit to rebuild the staircase. The blocks can be rotated by right clicking. This is quite simple – first place the two large triangles in any two steps, and then the rest.

Click here for the solution.

Go upstairs and take the rocket top.

Go to the rocket (past the three button control panel). Click near the base of the rocket and place the fins in the slots provided. Click the panel below the fins to reveal a jumble of wires. This requires some reference to match the wires to the colour codes – remember the coloured diamond combinations next to the rocket diagram in the rocket notes book?

Mini-game: Disentangling the wires.

The combinations are: Grey / Yellow, Purple / Red, Dark Brown / Orange, Black / Blue and Pink / Green. Once the wires are plugged in correctly, as per the launch sequence, Nancy has to go to the control panel and flip the first switch and check if the green light is on.

Click here for the solution.

Climb up the steps and fix the top of the rocket.

As per the blackboard, the control panel dial has to be at 90.1 to launch the rocket.

Insert safety key into its slot on the control panel.

Click switch 1 – Green.

Click switch 2 – Red.

Click switch 3 – Launch!

Watch the finale!

By the way, I never got a chance to complete the 4th dollhouse puzzle with the Nancy doll – wonder what happened there? And what was that complex family Malloy family chart? And why did Kit lie about the black eye when it had a perfectly simple explanation? Hmm...

Ciao for now!

This is an original walkthrough written by me. Please do not distribute / adapt the text and images in any way without my written consent.