March 16, 2013

Walkthrough: Reversion Chapter 1: The Escape

game format: classic point-and-click adventure | episode 1 of 6

puzzles: inventory | logic

playtime: 1 hour | difficulty: easy | size: 311 MB

developer: 3f Interactive | links: official site | download game (FREE!) | gameplay (youtube)

gamrgrl rating: 2/5

Reversion Chapter 1: The Escape
game brief: You wake up in a hospital with no memories. You are in Buenos Aires in year 2035 and the city is under the control of a military organization. Suddenly, you realize that your life is in danger and that you need to escape as fast as possible. What would you do faced with such a situation? (alternate download site)

mini-review: As a prologue to a multi-part adventure, Reversion Chapter 1: The Escape does its job – to introduce the scenario and the primary cast - effectively enough. However, despite the admirable production quality, it is a very short and easy game, and it’s arguable whether it evokes sufficient interest in its plot and characters, or ends on enough of a cliffhanger to make you clamour for the next part. But the irresistible offer of the PC version being available as a free download makes it worth the hour to test if the series is for you.


- Left click on the screen where you want to move Christian.

- To interact with a hotspot, [left click + hold] the mouse button on it.

- Depending on the object, you can TALK TO, LOOK AT and/or USE IT.

- Right click to bring up the inventory.

- Left click to select an inventory object, then left click on a screen hotspot to use it.

- LOOK AT inventory objects by [left click + hold] the mouse button on it.

- Inventory objects CAN be combined with each other.

- Objects cannot be collected till there is a reason to do so.

- Talk repeatedly to people as dialog options are added without notice.

- Double-click exits to immediately leave a scene.

- There is an icon on top left of screen to reveal all hotspots.

- The HINT button on top left of screen that tells you what to do next.

- Press 'ESC' to bring up the menu, and SAVE the game from there.

- This is a linear game and tasks must be done in a set order.

- Gameplay sampler video below:


HOSPITAL ROOM | screenshot

TALK to the doctor. Ask about yourself and Buenos Aires.

INVENTORY: Use the photo piece with Victoria.

She will help you find the man if you help her escape.

OPEN the cupboard.

LOOK at the bottle of Midazolam on the top shelf.

TALK to the doctor. Ask about Midazolam. It's a sedative.

TAKE the syringe on the table at right.

TALK to Victoria. Ask her to distract the doctor.

TAKE the Midazolam / sedative.

TALK to the guard. Tell him you need to get out.

Tell the guard you're not feeling well.

EXIT automatically to the toilet.

TOILET CUBICLE | screenshot

Note the guard's feet below the cubicle door.

INVENTORY: Use the syringe with the sedative.

INVENTORY: Use the filled syringe with the guard's feet.

EXIT the cubicle.

BATHROOM | screenshot

TAKE the guard's clothes.

EXIT the bathroom.

Try to open the warehouse door - it's locked.

Go to the storeroom (door at bottom left).

STOREROOM | screenshot

TAKE the rubber (tyre piece) at right of doorway.

TAKE the packing tape behind the ambulance signboard.

EXIT the storeroom. Go to the bathroom.


INVENTORY: Use the packing tape with the guard.

EXIT the bathroom. Go down to the lobby.

LOBBY | screenshot

TALK to the main door guard, hefty guard, cranky guard.

Ask all about the warehouse key - the door guard has it.

The door guard needs a password for the warehouse key.

LOOK at the right side bulletin board - it has the guard log sheet.

TAKE the guard log sheet.

INVENTORY: LOOK at the log sheet.

CLICK the empty signature spot of the second name.

Cabo Sanchez has forgotten to sign.

CLICK the key icon next to the third name.

The muscular door guard has the key and is Cabo Ramirez.

TALK to the hefty guard. Ask him if he has signed the log sheet.

INVENTORY: Use the log sheet with the hefty guard.

The hefty guard is Cabo Sanchez.

TALK to the cranky guard. Ask him 'what's with you' 3 - 4 times.

Finally he will say that he has a headache.

EXIT the lobby. Go to the hospital room (rear left door).


TALK to the doctor. Ask about medicine for headache.

Doctor says he gave medicine to 'the lieutenant'.

Lt. Perez is the cranky soldier.

This means Christian is dressed as Cabo Brizuela.

Brizuela's password is 'Rojo'.

EXIT the hospital room. Go to the lobby.


TALK to Cabo Ramirez (door guard).

Ask about the warehouse key. Give password 'Rojo'.

The warehouse key is added to the inventory.

EXIT the lobby. Go to the warehouse door.

INVENTORY: Use the key with the warehouse door.

WAREHOUSE | screenshot

TAKE the box of matches from the shelf.

TAKE the newspaper on the floor.

LOOK in the box with ropes.

A rope is added to the inventory.

OPEN the cupboard at right. LOOK in the cupboard.

A can of lubricant oil is added to the inventory.

EXIT the warehouse. Go to the storeroom.


INVENTORY: Use the lubricant oil with the serum holder.

TAKE the serum holder.

EXIT to the hallway.

HALLWAY | screenshot

INVENTORY: Use the paper with the trashcan.

INVENTORY: Use the rubber with the trashcan.

INVENTORY: Use the matches with the trashcan.

EXIT to the lobby.


TAKE the fire extinguisher on the wall behind the hefty guard.

EXIT automatically to the hallway. Go to the hospital room.


LOOK out of the window.

LOOK DOWN at the guard below.

INVENTORY: Use the fire extinguisher with the guard.

EXIT to the hallway.


INVENTORY: Use the rope with the grating in the window.

Enter the hospital room.


LOOK out of the window.

INVENTORY: Use the serum holder with the rope.

Watch the cutscene.

AFTER the credits, watch the cutscene with the villain.

To be continued in Reversion Chapter 2: The Meeting.

Ciao for now!

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