August 3, 2009

Walkthrough: Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis


This is a point-and-click adventure game.

The cursor indicates possible interactions with people and objects.

Drag items from the inventory onto other items to combine them, or to a person or an object on the screen to use / discuss them.

Use the magnifying glass (SnoopKey) to highlight objects and action points on the screen.

Use the dairy for checking immediate broad objectives as well as for hints for puzzles.

Right clicking skips segments / dialogues.

The game allows multiple saves. You can use the computer icon or CTRL+S to save.

The game is overall linear and does not allow wrong usage of items. Characters cannot die, and while the game is remarkably bug-free, it is recommended to save often to avoid replaying large sequences.


Chapter 1: Introduction

The game starts with a movie that shows Brother Matthew of the Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin being stalked by unknown entities as he leaves the church for the night. Soon, he is shot by two men in combat gear, who are looking for a parchment supposed to be in his possession.

The scene shifts to Christ’s College at the University of Cambridge, where Bishop Parrey is studying a manuscript sent by Brother Matthew. He gets a call from Superintendent Falk of Ashton CID, informing him of Matthew’s fate and warning him. He gets up the close a window and sees the men in combat gear outside his door.

Pick up the book on the desk.

Read the sheet on the desk: Seems William Patterson and Lucie Forrester have both reserved the book.

Parrey wants to hide the manuscript so that only Patterson finds it.

Put the manuscript in the book.

Put the book in the bookshelf – fourth row from the top, in the gap amidst the red books.

Leave the room by the door next to the bookshelf.

Open the door to the left using Parrey’s keys.

Look at the lecture schedule on the wall.

Mini-game: To ensure that Patterson gets the book before Forrester in the morning.

Move Patterson to the 9:30 AM slot so he can pick up the book before his lecture. Move Forrester to the 7:30 slot so she is busy with her lecture and cannot pick up the book before Patterson.

Click here to view the solution.

Chapter 2: Hamburg, one week later

Nina is in front of a cruise ship, talking to her father about her breakup with Max and her father’s trip to the UN Council when a strange man accosts her, then runs off, only to die in an accident with a crane. Nina is startled but begins her voyage nonetheless. Once the ship sails and Nina is in her room, she notices that her suitcase has been exchanged with that of one, Mr. William Patterson.

On the ship: Day 1

Pick up the roller skate in the cupboard.

Leave the cabin to go sort out the matter of exchanged suitcases.

Talk to the tourist.

Go to the reception.

Talk to the depressed passenger.

Take some marzipan potatoes from the bowl on the counter.

Ring the bell on the counter, which is somehow damaged by this.

Inform the porter about the suitcase. He says that William Patterson, the owner of the suitcase is the man who died in the accident.

Nina goes to sleep to end the afternoon.

A note is slipped under Nina’s door with her bikini top: they come from outer space, but seen from down here...

Go to the reception and add the roller skate to the UFO.

Slide the UFO over the window.

Return to the corridor.

The window needs to be cleaned before Nina can see what’s below the UFO.

Go to the reception, and exit to the sundeck.

Take the ice bucket from the bar.

Take the blanket from beside the lounger.

Exit left to the poolside.

Fill the bucket with water from the pool.

Add the blanket to the filled bucket to create cleaning equipment.

Return to the corridor. Go towards cabins 4 and 5.

Read the newspaper.

Take the oar displayed on the wall.

Take the flashlight from the wall next to cabin #5.

Use oar and cleaning equipment to get extended cleaning utensils.

Enter the laundry room.

Add soap from soap dispenser to the extended cleaning utensils.

Return to the corridor outside Nina’s room.

Use extended cleaning utensils on the dirty window.

Use the flashlight on the clean window.

The new note says that the next clue is at the back of the ship.

Return to the corridor of cabins 4 and 5.

Remove the painting of Noah’s Ark hanging on the back wall.

There is a photo stuck to the back of the painting.

Enter the laundry room and use the painting with the escaping steam.

The photo is of Max, Nina’s ex-boyfriend.

The new note says that poor Max should see a doctor for his broken leg.

Return to the corridor outside Nina’s room.

Slide the photo under the door of the sick bay.

Watch the cut-scenes.

On the ship: Day 2

Open Nina’s suitcase and take the red socks, cap and bathrobe. She returns the bikini to the case.

Go to the reception and report the missing handbag to the porter. Patterson’s suitcase is missing too!

Go to the restaurant. Watch the segment on Puritas Cordis on the TV.

Take the roses and the bottle opener.

Go to the sundeck.

Talk to Ms. Jordan and Oskar.

Talk to the barkeep. Depressing! Note the key-cards.

Take the life-preserver, toothpicks and a CD from the bar.

Take the poster hanging on the pillar.

Exit to the poolside.

The narcissistic tourist is out of sunscreen and wants Nina to get him some. Take the tube.

Exit to the reception. The strange man invites Nina to dinner to discuss the events on the ship.

Go to the corridor of cabins 4 and 5.

Feng Li is waiting for his laundry to be completed.

Enter the laundry room and take the fabric from the basket.

Fill the sunscreen tube with soap from the soap dispenser.

Use the bottle opener on the bell to unscrew it.

Tell Feng Li about the broken bell. I couldn’t decide if the following segment was funny or racist, or both.

Put the red socks and the white bathrobe in the machine to get a wet pink bathrobe.

Go up to the upper deck and use the wet bathrobe with the ventilation fan to get a dry bathrobe.

Use the fabric with the life preserver and the roses to create a hat similar to Ms. Jordan’s.

Use the hat with the bathrobe to get Ms. Jordan’s unfinished costume.

Go to the poolside.

Give the sunscreen tube with soap to the narcissistic tourist.

Take the sunglasses from the table once he turns over.

Use the sunglasses with unfinished costume to get disguise.

Put the disguise on Nina.

Talk to the barkeep. He's forgotten Ms. Jordan’s room number.

Go to the reception.

Hang the bell from the bolt on the wall next to the reception.

Use the bottle opener to ring the bell.

Talk to the porter.

Give the poster to the porter.

Use the CD with the counter to see Ms. Jordan’s safe number – Room 2.

Return to the sundeck, put the disguise on Nina and take the key-card to Room 2 from the barkeep.

Go down to Nina’s corridor and use the Room 2 key-card on the door behind the stairs.

Take Nina’s handbag.

Take the magazine – with George Rooney :) - from the floor.

Return to the sundeck and talk to Ms. Jordan.

Go to the restaurant. Mysterious stranger isn’t there.

Watch the cut-scenes.

On the ship: Day 3

Nina peeps in through the porthole of cabin 5, and sees a man with a wig posing as the doctor.

Go to the sick bay. Something is wrong with Ms. Jordan.

Go to the upper deck and talk to the Captain.

Talk to Feng Li at the reception.

Go to the restaurant.

Put the magazine in the empty photo frame beside the door.

Take the aluminium foil from the floor.

Use the foil with the toothpicks to get aluminium toothpicks.

Use the foil with the marzipan potatoes to get aluminium potatoes.

Use the toothpicks and potatoes to build a model of the Atomium.

Olsen gives you the lottery ball.

Go to the sundeck. The porter is substituting for the barkeep.

Talk to Oskar. Give him the lottery ball.

Take the bongo drums.

Talk to the porter.

Take the MP3 player from the counter.

Go to the reception.

Talk to Feng Li about Rooney’s photo.

Use the MP3 player with the microphone on the counter.

Talk to Feng Li about taking the photo.

Feng Li gives Nina a Polaroid.

Go to the upper deck and talk to the Captain.

Watch the cut-scenes.

Chapter 3: Meanwhile, in Indonesia

Nina’s ex, Max has travelled to Indonesia to do a photo documentary on Sam Peters, a college friend and an archaeologist. Her excavations have run into problems created by the Puritas Cordis sect, and that night, Sam is abducted, and Max is knocked out in an explosion.

Sam’s Cage

Take 3 oranges from the fruit bowl near Sam’s feet.

Talk to the guard. Again, borderline racist – sassy American girl versus duh native - and unproductive.

Take the bamboo tube + wire from the cage near Sam’s head.

Put the wire through the oranges to get a scooter.

Use the scooter with the bamboo tube to get mobile construction.

Use the signal rocket with the mobile to get a rocket launcher.

Use the rocket launcher with the ramp and it slides into the fire to launch itself.

Max at the camp

Take the flag, documents, hard hat, tent poles from the ruined tent, donut, balloon, beer can and glow sticks from the backpack, the teapot, a hibiscus from the bush, the fencing and the bamboo tube on the extreme right of the screen, and the peacock feather. Whew!

Fill the teapot with water from the river.

Put the hibiscus flowers in the teapot.

Put the teapot over the smouldering ashes of the campfire.

Take the red mush in the teapot.

Un-wrap the donut.

Use the red mush with the plastic of the donut to get red cling film.

The cling film, flag and the balloon can be used to change the colour of the hard hat’s light... later on.

Use the tent poles with the fencing to get a reinforced fence.

Use the reinforced fence with the river.

Use the flag with the branch to catch a fish.

Walk down the jungle path, led by the monkey, only to return to the base. Max needs a tracker.

Kick the papaya tree on the extreme right.

Take the papaya.

Use the red mush in the teapot on the papaya to make it red.

Give the red papaya to the monkey.

Follow the monkey’s red trail to the temple in the jungle.

Rescuing Sam

Take the white berries from the bush.

Go to the back of the temple.

Take the rafflesia flower.

Put the rafflesia on the ground behind the guard. He doesn’t notice.

Use the tent poles to nudge the rafflesia closer to the guard.

Take the Venus flytrap and the rafflesia.

Return to the camp.

Place the rafflesia on the flat stone on the riverbank near the frog.

Catch the frog.

Use the beer can with the garden to catch a slug.

No slugs... yet.

Go to the back of the temple.

Return to the camp. There is a slug on the beer can. Take it.

Put the donut in the hole on the temple wall. The bees from the honeycomb fly into the hole.

Take a piece of the honeycomb.

Remove the spider web near the fireflies.

Use the flag on the tendril above the spider web.

Go to the camp. Return to the back of the temple.

The fireflies are caught in the web. Take them.

Take the flag.

Mini-game: To open the temple door.

See the inscription. The hint to this puzzle is in the diary.

Put the Venus flytrap in the top slot to honour the Goddess Venus.

Put the fireflies on top left as the ‘radiant one’.

Put the peacock feather on top right as the ‘always open eye’.

Put the fish in the bottom left as the ‘mute one’.

Put the slug in the bottom right as the ‘homeless one’.

Put the honeycomb in the bottom slot as the ‘Queen’s gold’.

Voila, the door opens!

Chapter 4: Somewhere in the North Sea

Look at the photo next to the filing cabinet. Note the date: 7 April 75.

Use the code on the combination lock of the cabinet: 7475.

Take the bust on the floor.

Use the bust on the hatch above the cabinet to check for water above.

Climb through the hatch.

Take the metal pipe.

Take the documents – Nina’s ticket and the letter are among it.

Fill a bongo drum with water from the leak.

Climb back down through the hatch.

Put the lever to ‘full speed ahead’.

The chain moves down near the fallen girder.

Fix the chain to the girder.

Lock the chain with the metal pipe.

Put the lever to ‘full speed backwards’.

Place the empty bongo drum near the broken pipe.

Pour the water from the other drum into the broken pipe.

Oil flows out into the empty drum.

Pour the oil in the rusted yellow hatch.

Open the hatch.


On the island

Open Nina’s suitcase and get fresh clothes.

Take the pebbles, the wheel, a life vest, the sheet of metal, the spear gun, the car battery, the toolbox, the fire hose, the briefcase, the handbag, the hat stand, the rake, and the kitchen sink. Just kidding about the last one :)

Talk to Korell.

Open the briefcase to get some documents and a candy bar.

Put the pebbles inside the handbag.

Throw the handbag at the medical kit on the hill.

Take the kit and the buckets.

Open the kit to get bandages.

Use the bandages on a bucket to create a bandaged bucket.

Use the bandaged bucket on the sea to fill it.

Use the spear gun to make a ladder on the power pole.

Use the battery acid to open the toolbox. It contains insulated pliers.

Climb the pole and switch off the power.

Tear the documents and place them at the end of the cable.

Switch the power back on.

The documents catch fire.

Switch the power off.

Use the metal sheet with the rake to make a shovel.

Pick up the burning paper with the shovel and put in the barrel to make a bigger fire.

Use the hat stand with the filled bucket, and hang over the fire to warm.

Melt the candy bar in the warm water.

Give melted candy to the man.

Watch the cut-scenes.

On the other side of the island

Take the tank-bag. It contains a map of northern France.

Wind the fire hose around the wheel.

Use the wheel with the motorcycle.

Move the motorcycle to the boat.

Use the toolkit on the yellow suitcase. It contains a digital camera and a suit.

Give suit to Korell.

Use life vest on boat.

Use the toolkit to remove the motorcycle engine and fix it on the boat.

Use the shovel on the landslide.

Use the fan blade as the boat’s propeller.

Cross to the other side of the beach.

Use the digital camera on the signpost on the hill.

Read the map.

Talk to Korell.

Watch the cut-scene.

Chapter 5: Meanwhile, in Indonesia

Put on the hard hat.

Look at the wall painting.

Put the balloon over the hard hat’s lamp to get a green light. Note the symbol: Venus

Put the cling film over the hard hat’s lamp to get a red light. Note the symbol: Juno

Put the flag over the hard hat’s lamp to get a blue light. Note the symbol: Neptune

Leave the temple and return to remove the last filter from the hard hat.

The symbols can be matched with Sam’s list of gods.

Mini-game: To open the second temple door.

Each of the three rows of buttons corresponds to one of the Gods. The order is set in the list.

Top row: Venus / Middle row: Juno / Bottom row: Neptune

And that’s that!

Use the icon on the inventory panel to switch to playing character.

Max’s Turn

Give the bamboo tube and white berries to Sam.

Sam’s Turn

Use the bamboo tube to suck up a raspberry from the fruit bowl.

Put a poisonous white berry into a raspberry.

Throw the spiked raspberry into the fruit bowl.

Talk to the guard. Ask him for a raspberry.

Max’s Turn

Use the glow lights with the statue face.

Use the frog with the statue.

Watch the cut-scenes.

Chapter 6: Gatineau, France

Talk to the surveyor.

Go down the south path.

Take the paper cup and the aluminium foil.

Use the aluminium foil with the paper cup to get shiny cup.

Take a fortune cookie from the bowl on the snack stand.

Go down the south path.

From the table next to the trailer take the pocket knife, a spirit level, a power cable and a cloth pouch.

Take the mirror from the trailer wall.

Use the pocket knife to unscrew the plastic boulder on the Lazare Construction sign.

Put the fake boulder in the derelict car.

Go south to the statue of the Saint.

Look at the statue.

Use the spirit level on the left arm of the statue.

The light beam is cut off by the signpost pointing to the ruins, on the screen with the trailer.

Turn the sign thrice to the left till it is aligned with the beam.

Return to statue and take the spirit level.

Place the spirit level on the signpost to continue the beam.

The beam is now interrupted by the snack stand.

Talk to the Chinese man inside the stand. He cannot move the stand because of contract issues.

Return to the screen with the surveyor.

Use the pocket knife the remove the rock slide sign.

Go to the screen with the trailer.

Use the pocket knife the remove the parking sign.

Put the rock slide sign in the place of the parking sign.

Return to the surveyor and warn him about his car. He isn’t bothered because his horoscope said that day held no troubles for him.

Go to snack stand.

Use the pocket knife on fortune cookies till you get a message about heeding one’s neighbour’s bad luck. I got mine on the third cookie.

Ask the Chinese man to bake you a cookie with that message inside.

Take the new fortune cookie to the surveyor.

Talk to him again about his car. This time, he moves it.

Go to the Chinese man and tell him that the surveyor has left for the day.

The man drives off in the snack stand.

But now the spirit level has stopped working.

Use the pen-knife to open the flap of the information stand.

Take the batteries.

Use the batteries with the spirit level.

Replace the spirit level on the signpost.

Use the power cable on the mirror.

Suspend the mirror from the hook in front of the information stand.

Fill the small pouch with dirt from one of the molehills.

Place the weighted pouch on the mirror to redirect the beam.

Use the remaining aluminium foil with the molehill below the stand to redirect the beam.

The beam is now pointing to the pile of boulders on the screen with the surveyor.

Place the shiny cup amidst the rocks.

Talk to the surveyor. He clears the rubble.

Use the ring on the door to open the exposed chamber.

Look at the panel with the discs. The diary gives a hint.

Mini-game: To align the vacant areas of the discs.

This is a simple puzzle.

First, use the right button to set the discs so that the right disc’s opening comes at 11 o clock.

Then, use the middle button to set the top and left discs such that the top disc’s opening comes below the right disc’s opening. You won’t be able to see it because the left disc is yet not aligned.

Now use the left button to set the left disc so all three openings overlap to reveal a niche.

Take the ring from the niche.

Look at the wooden board on top of the wine barrel.

Place Sister Elise’s diagram on the board.

Place the ring in the indentation to activate the board.

Korrel informs you that the statue is of St. Austrebert of Rouen.

Mini-game: To spell the word Austrebert on the wooden board.

The alphabets need to be keyed in the right order to spell Austrebert.

Which key can be pressed after which one depends on the lines connecting them or not as per Sister Elise’s diagram. Solving this took me a little while because I assumed that each key can be pressed only once, but that’s not the case. Then, the puzzle becomes really simple.

Click here to see the solution.

Watch the cut-scenes.

Chapter 7: Meanwhile, in Paris

Take the blue stone from the pillar. It shows a white king.

Look at the emblem: INSTITIO VIAE EST FINIS

Try to leave the hole.

Watch the cut-scene.

Take the candle and stick from the compost heap.

Go right to the cemetery.

Mini-game: To find Michel’s grave.

The clues to make the right road choices are given during the homeless man’s conversation, and summarised in the diary.

The cardinal died in 1663, and curator Michel ten years after that, so check in graves from 1670s.

Since Michel was found in his squalid basement flat, he can be assumed to be poor.

Since Michel served the cardinal for forty years and died ten after, he clearly died old.

Michel was always heavily covered up, because he was a woman named Michelle!

Note the way the words Saint-Maillefert is written.

Return to the ruins and re-enter the hole.

Mini-game: To open the secret door using the emblem.

Rotate the alphabets S, A and F in the emblem the way Saint-Maillefert was written:


Click here to see the solution. Make sure the “S” is right-side up when you finish rotating.

Enter the passage.

Look at the map of old France.

Look at the mosaic.

Mini-game: Solve the mosaic.


The first line of the story says that the king was in Provence. Put the white king block in the empty space in the lowest line of the mosaic, i.e. the one marked I.

More stones are needed.

Return to the homeless man. He gives Nina a map of France and tells her to look at the nearby bridge, the old Metro station, and the jail, as well as the zoo later on, for the remaining stones.

Nina goes to the nearby bridge first.

Look in the garbage near the cleaner’s foot.

Take the 5 cents and a pacifier.

Talk to the cleaner.

Walk to the raining side of the bridge.

Look at the dirt on the pavement.

Walk to the right of the bridge to the path.

Look at the car – and the scratch.

Talk to the passerby (Rossi).

Enter the Metro station.

Take ‘Help Wanted’ sign, the teddy bear, and the umbrella.

Look at the window on the stopped clock.

Put the candle on the hand of the clock.

Exit the window.

Click on the clockwork mechanism.

Watch the cut-scene.

Return to the Metro and pick up the candle.

Go back to the park. Pick up the newspaper, tennis ball, and the hula hoop.

Talk to Rossi and the homeless man.

Return to the bridge by clicking on the map icon in the inventory.

The cleaner has swept the streets and the second blue stone is now exposed.

Use the umbrella point to extract the stone – a black pawn.

Go to the jail.

Look in the second cell – another blue stone!

Talk to the officer. No one gets in the cell but drunks.

Use the map to go to the zoo.

Take the soda can and the nail polish.

Talk to the zookeeper. The food is for the ducks.

Go to the crocodile enclosure on the right.

Take the noisemaker, and the empty box of peanuts from in front of the elephant.

Look at the tree, and the nest.

Leave and walk left to the monkey enclosure. It has a can of peanuts inside.

Talk to the zookeeper. He tells Nina how to train the monkey – with the stick.

Return to the monkey enclosure.

Put the hula hoop in the crack in the ground.

Walk near the monkey and use the stick with Nina.

Click on the hula hoop to have Nina go through it.

Put the stick in the hole in the ground and put the soda can on it.

Throw the tennis ball at the can.

Pick up the ball, the stick, the soda can and the can of peanuts.

Go to the crocodile enclosure. Give some peanuts to the elephant.

Use the can of peanuts with the nest on the tree.

The elephant uproots the tree.

Throw the teddy bear into the water of the enclosure.

Turn on the engine of the boat.

Use the tree to enter the crocodile enclosure.

The third stone – a black castle!

Use the map to go to the bridge.

Use the noisemaker on Nina to attract the ducks.

Now go to the park. Go near the water.

Use the noisemaker again. The ducks are here!

Go to the zoo, to the bridge beside the crocodile enclosure, and use the noisemaker again.

The ducks arrive on schedule!

Go to the zookeeper and take a baguette.

Go to the park. Give the baguette to the homeless man. It’s too hard for him to eat.

Go to the zoo and soak the baguette in the milk can.

Return to the park. Give the baguette to the homeless man.

Take the alcohol bottle.

Return to the Metro.

Use the nail polish on the car to cover the scratch.

Go to the park. Talk to Rossi. No use.

Use the five cents on the fountain.

Watch the cut-scene.

Go to the park and take the 5 cents and 10 cents from the fountain.

Go to the Metro.

Use the 10 cents on the gum machine to get a bubble gum.

Go to the jail.

Use the bubble gum on the first cell door.

Use the alcohol on Nina.

Talk to the officer.

Watch the cut-scene.

Use the alcohol bottle with the syringe.

Finally, in the cell!

Take the broken ball and the spoon below it.

Use the spoon with the blue stone. Oops!

Talk to the jailbird next door. He’ll help in exchange for a riddle.

Mini-game: Solve the riddle.

To figure out the three digit number. The diary gives a hint on this puzzle.

First digit: Between 1 to 5, the number is NOT in the cell - 5
(The cell has 1 chair, 2 bunks, 3 coat hooks and the chair has 4 legs)

Second digit: Odd number larger than 1, has Nina trapped - 9
(The bars on the window above)

Third digit: Even number, all can stand but not all can walk - 6
(The chair’s 4 legs and Nina’s 2)

Use the spoon to remove the fourth blue stone – a black king.

Knock on the door to talk to the officer.

Use the map to go to the park.

Use the broken ball with the fountain to get some water.

Go to the Metro.

Use the ball containing water with the fountain.

Open the switchbox next to the clockwork to start the fountain.

Use the pacifier and the candle to plug some of the fountain jets.

And, the final blue stone!

Use the umbrella to detach the stone – a white knight.

Return to the mosaic in the ruins.

Mini-game: Solve the mosaic - continued.

First, put all the stones in the empty slots, without bothering about positions. The map of France corresponds to the squares on the board. The story tells about the order of the stones.

The first line of the story says that the king was in Provence, which is at the bottom right of France, and therefore, the board. Put the white king in the right-most space in the lowest line (I) of the mosaic.

The second line says that the peasants were rising to the north of the king. Put the pawn on the square above the white king, i.e. the right-most space of line (II).

The third line says that the reinforcements from Navarre were forced to meet the castle from the east. Navarre is at the bottom left corner of France – put the white knight in the left-most slot space in line (I). As for the black castle, one space to the right of the white knight in line (I).

The fourth line says that the king’s opponent watched the spectacle from Brittany i.e. Bretagne, which is in the top left of the map. Put the black king in the left-most space of the top line (IV).

Watch the cut-scenes.

Chapter 8: Puritas Cordis Headquarters

Take the mouldy apple.

Use the apple with the trash picker.

Use the trash picker with the stove to collect the stove door.

Watch the cut-scenes.

At one point, Nina will have to choose an answer to Pat Shelton’s question – irrespective of the choice, Max will be shot.

Only to be saved by the stove door :)

Take the vase and the shovel.

The left passage is guarded. Take the right passage.

Look into the window – Nina!

The reunion is cute, and for this segment, the music also picks up :)

Anyway, back to business!

Nina’s Turn

Clicking on the cell door calls the guard.

Talk to him about being cold.

He checks the thermometer.

Max’s Turn

Exit the scene with Nina.

Return to the corridor and use the trash picker to take the cheese from the mousetrap.

Enter the storeroom.

Take the ice spray, the instant camera, two sacks, the GameGirl and the coat hanger.

Use the coat hanger with the TV as the antenna.

Switch the TV on. A football game is on.

Take the TV set.

Go to the courtyard. Use the ice spray on the thermometer.

Nina’s Turn

Call the guard again. Talk to him about being cold.

He checks the thermometer and gives Nina the cowl.

Max’s Turn

Use the trash picker to take the cowl.

Exit the scene with Nina.

Use the cowl with Max.

Go to the courtyard and talk to the guard – football and cheese soup.

Add the cheese to the vase.

Take some wild garlic from the courtyard.

Use garlic with vase + cheese.

Go to the storeroom. Use the TV set with the lectern near the window. Switch it on.

Ask the guard to do a patrol route.

Enter Nina’s prison. Use the number pad.

Go to the courtyard.

Use the camera with the bench to get a photo.

Enter the prison.

Use the photo with the GameGirl to get an illuminated photo.

Use the illuminated photo with Nina.

Mini-game: Solve the number code puzzle.

The references are from the books in the storeroom, and give the 6 digit code to Nina’s cell:

Snow White: 7 / Soccer: 11 (friends) / Devil: 666

Once in the storeroom, use the sack with Nina.

Return to the courtyard.

Talk to the guard – Spivak from Tunguska :)

Talk to the new guard outside the tower door – only he can allow coal sacks into the hatch.

Go to the doghouse.

Use the shovel with the doghouse.

Use a sack with the debris to get a coal sack.

Go to the storeroom and add the coal sack to the sack with Nina.

Return to the new guard. Use sack with Nina with guard.

Nina’s Turn

Take the cloth handkerchiefs, the wine bottle, the helmet and coal.

Give the wine bottle and the handkerchiefs to Max.

Max’s Turn

Use the wine bottle with the vase + ingredients.

Go to the storeroom.

Use the sewing machine with the handkerchiefs to get a sheet.

Return to the cellar. Give the vase, trash picker and the sheet to Nina.

Nina’s Turn

Use the trash picker with the sheet to cover the bird cage.

Take the gold medals.

Use the coals with the stove.

Use the vase + ingredients with the helmet.

Use the helmet with the stove.

Use helmet + cheese soup with vase.

Give the vase and medals to Max.

Max’s Turn

Give the cheese soup to Spivak.

Go to the window to the prison and hide the medals in the straw.

Talk to Spivak.

Press the alarm.

Watch the cut-scenes.

Nina’s Turn

Some of the actions done here can result in ‘scenarios’ that would result from them – it was quite startling to die the first time... by using the shovel on Shelton :)

Use the helmet + soup with Shelton.

Mini-game: Key in the code on the Puritas Cordis panel.

The code word is the word ZANDONA, the title of the book.

The code can be broken using the telephone keypad and substituting numbers for the alphabets spelling ‘ZANDONA’.

Press the big red button on the panel to initiate self destruction.

The numbers are: 9152551 (from Zandona)

Watch the cut-scene.

Jump to the lowest floor.

Take the oil can from next to the crates.

Opening the oil can took a fair bit of running around before the idea hit:

Use the oil can with the window on the top floor, the one near the Statue of Liberty.

Use the oil can with the stairs.

Use the Statue of Liberty with the stairs.

Watch the finale!

Ciao for now!

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