July 28, 2010

Staff Writer @ Adventure Gamers®!

This is a BIG day for me, because I got invited by Jack Allin, the Editor-in-Chief of Adventure Gamers®, to join the staff as a writer, reviewing old classic and new casual adventure games. An excerpt from his email:

"It's obvious that you're more than capable (and motivated!), so allow me to officially invite you to join AG's staff. :)"

Adventure Gamers® is the premiere online destination for news, reviews and discussion relating to adventure games. Founded it 1998, it is now one of the foremost and widely respected websites about adventure games and is brought to you by an international team of editors, writers, news updaters and community moderators.

At Adventure Gamers® we aim to:
1. be the most informed and professional source of information for adventure games
2. bring together players of all ages and backgrounds through our community

Adventure Gamers® is a Trusted Reviewer at GameRankings and our reviews are listed on Metacritic.

Needless to say, this is an incredible opportunity for me, and I can't wait to start contributing :) Click here to view my AG bio.

(Adventure Gamers® information from the official website).