November 24, 2010

Review: CSI: Fatal Conspiracy

game format: classic adventure

puzzles: inventory | logic | conversations

playtime: 8 hours | difficulty: easy | size: 2.5 GB

developer / publisher: Ubisoft | links: official site

CSI: Fatal Conspiracy
game brief: Partner with FBI agent Gene Huntby in 5 connected cases. Huntby will both help and challenge you in a hunt for the Queen of the Hive, a formidable drug lord that may be behind a series of shocking murders. Be prepared to work with your CSI partners, including the returning Sara Sidle, to solve murder cases and uncover the Fatal Conspiracy behind the crimes you investigate. (Official site)

review: Read my review @ Adventure Gamers® | rating: 2/5

summary: The latest CSI adventure includes the FBI and drug cartels, but tedious gameplay and dull stories kill any potential intrigue.

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