December 5, 2011

Review: Dead Mountaineer's Hotel

game format: classic adventure; supernatural thriller

puzzles: inventory | logic | arcade

playtime: 5 - 7 hours | difficulty: easy | size: 2.3 GB

publisher: Akella | developer: Electronic Paradise | links: official site | buy this game @ Steam

Dead Mountaineer's Hotel
game brief:The remote hotel stands atop an ominous snow-peaked mountain, and death permeates every inch of the place. A crime has been committed here, and the remote nature of the retreat means that the culprit is still roaming the halls. Which of the guests is capable of this? Whose past hides sinister truths and who has the most to gain? (Steam Page)

review: Read my review @ Adventure Gamers® | rating: 1/5

summary: The long-awaited Dead Mountaineer's Hotel is finally open for business, but the pointless quests, clunky gameplay, exhausting backtracking, subpar production quality and absence of a coherent plot will surely leave you cold.

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