November 30, 2009

Tips & Tricks: Hotel Dash: Suite Success

30 points to simply Diner Dash: Suite Success for you (beyond the tutorials which explain basic game-play elements):


1. Since Flo takes time to go up and down the lift, combine activities for guests staying on the same floor.

2. It is critical to earn maximum chain bonuses. Easiest options are putting gift baskets in empty rooms, checking in multiple guests at one time and then giving them their cases, and collecting & depositing waste laundry after rooms have been vacated.

3. Actions can be queued, which helps plan Flo's movements.

4. On the downside, actions cannot be unqueued, and that wastes time / prevents course correction in case many actions are in queue. The queue will end once all tasks are done / some task cannot be done.

5. Flo stops and shakes her head in case there is a cued task that she cannot do, so check often that she hasn't stopped moving somewhere while queued tasks are executed.

6. Clowns make messes in the hallways - guests stop when they come to a mess, so clean up ASAP.

7. From Stark Suites onwards, once celebrities are introduced, it becomes most important to service them fast, since their bodyguards hold up other guests until their orders are completed.

8. Anticipate behaviour patterns to get 'faster service' bonuses; for example, the businesswomen and joggers always ask for towels after meals; the newlyweds, teenaged boys and celebrities ask for pillows after meals; celebrities and fat men order food twice.

9. Picking up laundry bags does not break chain bonuses for activities like serving meals or checking guests out. So try to keep rooms vacant by clearing laundry quickly. This will help serve incoming guests quicker. But note: depositing the laundry in the washer will break the chain.

10. If the hotel is closed, focus on serving the guests rather than cleaning the empty rooms.

11. Remember, throwing away items costs money, so try not to do that often - or at all. If Flo has something in her hand / cart that can be carried around without slowing down service, keep carrying it.


1. If a group is particularly annoyed, focus on earning their hearts back with consecutive 'fast services' for them.

2. Gift baskets should be added to empty rooms to earn more happiness (and tips) from the guests when they arrive.

3. From the Alpine Ski Lodge onwards, opt for the musician - he is good for soothing irate customers, though Flo must wait near him while he activates. But this time is worth spending as ALL waiting guests get more hearts once he plays.

4. Guests must already be in rooms to be placated by iced water.

5. The iced water dispenser has limited usage given that it is usually inconveniently located and cannot be served to guests waiting to be checked in, which is where the maximum delay happens. Upgrade to it after ALL other upgrades are through.

6. Dogs bark and irritate neighbouring guests. They have to be fed dogfood, kept on the table with the room service.

7. The sneaky woman switches the lights off only once per level.

8. Stark Suites, with its celebrities, businesswomen and businessmen is the most chaotic, with demanding and impatient customers all around.

9. The hotels lose $100 for every customer lost.

10. Don't panic! Even with the loss of a customer or two, there are still enough customers to achieve Expert easily enough on all levels.


1. Buy upgrades that add tips first - such as art, wallpaper and carpets - when there are fewer guests so less chance of them getting annoyed.

2. Buy patience-generating upgrades towards the later levels when the crowd builds up.

3. Flo's upgrades are expensive and need to be planned well - for example, she doesn't need to be very fast for the starting levels and hence at those times, the cheaper and more rewarding hotel upgrades should be done. The elevator, cart, mop and shoes upgrades need to be done in that order.

4. Guests who stay in 'star' rooms pay 'star bills' - currency used to fix up the special room. The more star bills, the more likely Flo is to furnish all available items for the room and earn the special bonus - so it pays to star up the rooms of the hotel as early as possible.

5. Add stars to the larger rooms first to maximise tips. Each star costs $750, so try and add at least one stars to each room at every level.

6. Even two stars on each room gives enough star bills to complete the VIP rooms within the 8th levels of each hotel.


1. The socialite with the multiple suitcases takes some getting used to - click the number of times as the suitcases to pick all up in the cart.

2. From the Alpine Ski Resort onwards, some guests also want a wake-up call - which can be a knock on the door or a call from the reception desk if Flo purchases the telephone upgrade.

3. Retrying a level for the first time adds the cash earned in the level originally to the bank.

Good Luck!

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