March 9, 2012

Walkthrough: Shadows On The Vatican: Act I: Greed


BEFORE installing, choose screen resolution:
"Full HD" if 1920 or more, "Normal" if less.

AFTER installing, and BEFORE the game loads, choose graphics settings.

Do NOT tick the "Use Desktop Resolution" option to play in full-screen mode if your resolution is higher than 1280x720.

For my resolution: 1680 x 1050, if the "Use Desktop Resolution" option is ticked then the screens are boxed in by black borders on all sides.

There is no way to set screen resolution at menu level.

There is a optional tutorial at the start of the game.

Right mouse click describes an object / person.

Left mouse click selects / interacts with it / them.

Click on speech bubbles to forward / skip past them.

The map has a hotkey M. It MUST be in caps to work (use Caps Lock).

The inventory is opened by scrolling to the top of the screen.

"Esc" brings up Resume, Save, Load, Options, and Quit menu.

To Save, click on an empty Save Game slot.

Options allows choosing volumes, shadows, and dialogue modes.

Dialog Box: On: sketches of speakers appear in the foreground with speech bubbles, while actual characters 'talk' in the background.

Dialog Box: Off: similar, minus the speech bubbles.

Subtitles: speech bubbles appear with the characters in-game.

There's an occasional visual glitch where speech bubbles fall below the lower edge of the screen.



1996: James Murphy's mentor Dellerio is gunned down by unknown assailants while helping destitute children in Africa. This causes James to quit priesthood in Italy and return to his native Chicago, and become a medical doctor instead.

2010: James has returned to Rome on the insistence of his priest friend Cristoforo, who appears to be in some sort of trouble.


Activate the optional tutorial option if you wish.

TAKE the cellphone on the kitchen counter at left.

TALK to Cristoforo. He wants to meet James in the bar.

Mario, the owner of the bar comes to visit James.

TALK to Mario about everything to get a background story.

Car keys are added to the inventory.

Mario's hand is cut. James needs to give him stitches.

Go to the bathroom at rear right.

CLICK the cabinet above the sink.

The emergency kit is added to the inventory.

INVENTORY: Right click to LOOK at the emergency kit.

Cotton, peroxide, a scalpel and gauze are added to the inventory.

LOOK at the shelves at the right of the sink.

CLICK the sewing kit on the lowest shelf.

A needle, thread and a syringe of silicon is added to the inventory.

Exit the bathroom.

TURN ON the stove.

INVENTORY: Use the needle with the stove.

The sterilised needle is added to the inventory.

INVENTORY: Use the sterilised needle with the thread.

INVENTORY: Use the cotton with the bottle of peroxide.

Soaked cotton is added to the inventory.

INVENTORY: Use the soaked cotton with Mario.

INVENTORY: Use the needle and thread with Mario.

INVENTORY: Use the gauze with Mario.

Mario is fixed. Exit automatically to Mario's bar.


A bottle of grappa is added to the inventory.

Exit the bar. James phone rings.

TALK to Cristoforo. James has to go to Piazza Farnese.

INVENTORY: TAKE the car keys.

CLICK the red car, the second one parked at left.

CUTSCENE: Cristoforo's accident.

James goes automatically to the guesthouse of Santa Brigida.


TAKE the notepad and book "In God's Name" on the floor.

INVENTORY: LOOK at the notepad: there's a number on in: 3795.

LOOK at the bloodstain on the floor.

James is convinced that Cristoforo was pushed.

Exit the lobby to go automatically to the hospital.

CUTSCENE: Meet Cardinal Brehmen, Cristoforo's superior.

Return to Piazza Farnese. Enter the guesthouse.

INVENTORY: LOOK at the book.

There are 5 bookmarks of saints marking five pages.

Rolling the mouse to the right and left edges of the book brings up the control to turn pages.

TAKE the bookmarks (taking one takes all).

LOOK at the calendar on the wall. It marks birthdays of saints.

INVENTORY: USE the bookmarks with the calendar.

James notes the birthdays of the saints.

INVENTORY: LOOK at the bookmarks for the dates.

INVENTORY: USE the bookmarks with the book.


Birthdays of the saints are linked to the words of the book. Right click on a bookmark to view the birth date of that saint. Count the lines from the top of the left page.

St. Alexis: February 17 i.e. 2, 17 | Line 17, Word 2: Cooperative
St. James: May 3 i.e. 5, 3 | Line 3, Word 5: Ostia
St. Joseph: March 19 i.e. 3, 19 | Line 19, Word 3: Bank
St. John: January 5 i.e. 1, 5 | Line 5, Word 1: Credit
St. Stanislaus: April 11 i.e. 4, 11 | Line 11, Word 4: Of

The hidden message is Cooperative Credit Bank of Ostia.

Exit the guesthouse. Go to the bank.


TALK to the lady sitting at left: Anna Marano.

Once all topics are completed, the other customer will leave.

TALK to Paola Marano about everything.

Antonio Marano, her father, was apparently unhappy with the bank.

TALK to Anna Marano again.

Cristoforo had taken Antonio's diary in exchange for a prayer book.

TALK to Anna about the Book of Prayers.

James has to prove to Anna that he is a priest.

Without exiting the conversation:


Exit the conversation.

TAKE the Book of Prayers on the table.

INVENTORY: LOOK at the Book of Prayers.

The inscription on the inside left cover says:

"When you will roam through the darkness, look at the Cross, and its light will lay its longer arm to show you the way."

James writes it down automatically in the notepad.

LOOK at the lump below the quote.

INVENTORY: USE the scalpel with the lump.

The medal of St. Leone is added to the inventory.

INVENTORY: LOOK at the medal. James notes the inscription.

RETURN the book to Mrs. Marano.

Exit the bank. Go to Santa Brigida's guesthouse.


CUTSCENE: The nun is drinking alcohol.

LOOK at the empty bottle of alcohol below the painting behind the nun.

INVENTORY: GIVE the bottle of Grappa the nun.

TAKE Cristoforo's room keys from the cabinet.

INVENTORY: LOOK at Cristoforo's keys.

There are three keys: for his room, car and a hexagonal key.

Exit the guesthouse. Go to James' apartment.


USE the laptop on the desk at the back of the room.

CLICK the Web Search Engine icon.

The notepad is automatically opened next to the screen.

CLICK the word "Leprignano" on the notepad.

CLICK the Search button.

The town of Leprignano is known as "Capena" since 1933.

Exit the laptop. Capena is added to the locations.

Exit the apartment. Enter the car.

MAP: Choose Capena from the top right of the map.


TALK to the churchkeeper. Cristoforo had visited the church.

INVENTORY: Use the medal with the drape of the podium at the back.

Both are of St. Leone.

NOTE the window behind the podium - the bars looks like a cross.

TAKE the drape on the podium at the back of the church.

The churchkeeper won't allow it. He talks of financial problems.

INVENTORY: USE the wallet with the churchkeeper.

A postcard of Capena is added to the inventory.

TAKE the drape from the podium.

USE the drape with the window at the back.

James can't reach that high.

INVENTORY: USE the drape with the candle-snuffer by the pews.

INVENTORY: USE the drape-and-candle-snuffer combo with the window at the back.


Remember the quote in the notepad: "When you will roam through the darkness, look at the Cross, and its light will lay its longer arm to show you the way".

Rotate the drape using the right mouse click till the staff of St. Leone is aligned with the vertical line with the cross.

The tear in the drape will highlight a spot on the floor of the church.

Click here for the solution.

LOOK at the niche on the floor beside the podium.

There is a hexagonal opening.

INVENTORY: Use Cristoforo's keys with the niche.

A diary and a cellphone are added to the inventory.

INVENTORY: READ the diary: it belongs to Antonio Marano.

Antonio discovered that funds were illegally being transferred from the IOR Bank via the Bank of Ostia to a company called DreamRes run by a shady businessman called Roberto Evola, who was using it to fund hotels and other tourist attractions in exotic locations. Antonio gave up his investigations after almost two years when he took voluntary retirement due to poor health.

INVENTORY: LOOK at the cellphone.

It can be used with the laptop. It needs an access / pin code.

Exit the church. Go to James' apartment.


INVENTORY: USE the cellphone with the laptop.

TYPE in the pin code: 3795 (the original entry in Cristoforo's notepad).

PLAY the video file.

Cristoforo secretly taped the man who tried to bribe / threaten him to retrieve some papers from him.

NOTE the first scene of the video. The man is standing beside a parking sign, below a shop hoarding saying "AMATO".

Click here for the screenshot.

A photo of the criminal and a witness is added to the inventory.

USE the laptop again.

CLICK the Web Search Engine icon.

The notepad is automatically opened next to the screen.

CLICK the word "DreamRes" on the notepad.

CLICK the Search button.

DreamRes is a real estate company that promotes luxury hotels and accommodations.

James needs to identify the men who threatened Cristoforo.

Exit the apartment. Go to Piazza Farnese.


NOTE the parking sign in front of the jewelry store Amato Gioielli.

INVENTORY: USE the photo with the jewelry store.

USE the interphone beside the door to summon the storekeeper.

CHAT with the jeweller - what a rude fellow!

While still in TALK mode, open the INVENTORY and click the photo.

The photo is placed at the right of the screen.

CLICK the criminal. The jeweller lies about not knowing him.

CLICK the witness. The jeweller denies being that main.

James needs to extract the truth from the jeweller.

PICK UP the cigar dropped by the jeweller from the road.

INVENTORY: USE the cigar with the photo.

USE the interphone again. The jeweller reappears.

While still in TALK mode, open the INVENTORY and click the cigar.

The jeweller says the man threatening Cristoforo was a local goon named Massimino who owns a nightclub called Raja.

Exit the scene via bottom right. Exit the Piazza. Go to Raja.


CUTSCENE: James sees Massimino and his bodyguard exit the club.


Click the arrows to follow Massimino. This is a trial and error game as James' route doesn't match Massimino's. There are unlimited tries.

From James' car's point of view:

Straight --> Right --> Left --> Right --> Straight -->
Left --> Left --> Straight --> Left --> Left --> Right


CUTSCENE: Massimino is meeting with a buyer.

James is behind his red car at the back of the screen.

James needs to get past the bodyguard.

NOTE the bush beside James' car.

INVENTORY: USE Cristoforo's phone with the bush.

When the bodyguard is facing the player, click the grey car in front of James' car.

James crawls to the grey car.

Wait for the bodyguard to complete a round.

When the bodyguard is facing the player, click the trash can.

James crawls to the trash can.

INVENTORY: USE James' cellphone.

The bodyguard goes to look for Cristoforo's phone across the street.

CLICK the luxury car.

CLICK the license plate at the rear of the luxury car.

It's too dirty.

INVENTORY: USE the cotton with peroxide with the license plate.

One number of the license plate is missing.

Return to James' apartment. Go to Mario's bar.


TALK to Mario about the license plate.

Anita's username and password are added to the notepad.

Go to James' apartment. CLICK the laptop.

CLICK the new icon, the Motor Vehicles Department.

TYPE the username and password as written in the notepad.

TYPE the license EXACTLY as written: VK-3C*G2.

There are TWO luxury cars with similar registrations in Rome.

Entry #4 from top belongs to Claudia, a lady.

Entry #3 from bottom - VK3C7G2 belongs to Roberto Evola.

Evola's house is added to the map.

Exit the apartment. Go to Evola's house.


James has to deactivate the camera above the gate to enter the house.

CLICK the damaged fencing just in front of the camera.

CLICK the garbage bin.

James climbs atop the bin.

INVENTORY: USE the scalpel with the camera.

CLICK the damaged fencing to climb over the wall.

James has to prevent Evola from burning important documents.

CLICK the scaffold to climb.


INVENTORY: USE Cristoforo's keys with the scaffold.

James is now on Evola's terrace.

INVENTORY: USE the silicon with the door.

The door / window is now sealed.

EXIT the terrace.

INVENTORY: USE the scalpel to cut the sheet covering the car.

CLIMB the scaffold.

INVENTORY: USE the sheet with the chimney.

Watch the cutscenes.

Automatically return to James' apartment with Silvia.


TALK to Silvia. It doesn't matter what answers you choose for Silvia.


SWITCH ON the lamp.

TAKE the pillow from the sofa.

TAKE the blanket from between the boxes at left.

TAKE the mop (rag) from beside the bathroom door.

INVENTORY: USE mop, pillow and blanket to make a Silvia-substitute.

INVENTORY: USE the Silvia-sub with the sofa.

SWITCH OFF the lamp.

HIDE behind the boxes at left.

Watch the finale / promo for Act 2: Wrath.

Ciao for now!

This is an original walkthrough written by me. Please do not distribute / adapt the text and images in any way without my written consent.